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Story & Team

Welcome in the Kitchen Lovers Family!

Everything started 2 years ago. We were 3 good friends who loved cooking and were talking about the problems we encountered when we were preparing the meals for our families.

After a long conversation, it was obvious that we all had the same problems!

  • It is fun to cook, but not everyday, particularly when we don't have a lot of time.
  • Sometimes, it is a long process to do the small things (like peel or cut) that could get done in Little Time if we had a good gadget to do it for us or to help us.
  • We wished we had a new gadget in our kitchen that would change our routine and get things more exciting!

We think that a lot of people can relate to those problems and that's why we decided to create Kitchen Lovers! On the market, we could only observe either low quality products brands or over-priced gadgets.

We want to offer new kitchen products with high quality and at the best possible price.

To achieve this, we kept our team and hired the bests managers to look for cool kitchen products. We also wanted to have a very good service for our customers that could ask themselves the same questions had asked ourselves before!

And that's how we created Kitchen Lovers!

We wish you all the best!

Don't hesitate to contact us at: for any question!


Our Team


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