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Fast Defrosting Tray


New Fast Defrosting Tray To Quickly Defrost Meat / Frozen Food

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  • Cast aluminum defrosting tray draws cold away from food to thaw in half the time with no bacteria buildup.

  • Defrost food quickly and safely right on your countertop.

  • No hot water, microwave or electricity required.

  • Sturdy in construction and made from aluminum.

  • Easy to use, clean and store.

Freezing makes food items last longer that would otherwise expire under normal temprature. That is why we introduced the Fast Defrosting Tray.

This defrost tray is ideal for defrosting food stuffs at a quicker pace. Using Kitchen lovers special defrosting tray for thawing your chicken breasts or any other frozen meat works like a charm and saves time. 



  Features :

   ✔️Easy to wash

   ✔️Keep clean

   ✔️Defrost naturally

   ✔️Corrosion resistant

   ✔️No hot water, microwave or electricity required


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Try to put the food on the plate evenly.

Do not use sharp materials to clean the plate.

Do not use the thawing plate like cutting board, in case of damage to the plate and affect thawing effect.


"The fast, safe and easy way to defrost frozen food!"

Type: Defrost Tray
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Mode: Small/Middle/Large
Small Size: 23X16.5X0.2CM
Middle Size: 29.5X20.5X0.2CM
Large Size: 35X20.5X0.2CM

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